conceived, birthed, raised, destroyed, and left to die by markus constantine

thank you to

my partner, jake bitely, for the michaels trips, love, support, inspiration, and excitement (not in that order).
my friends for giving me all those warm fuzzy feelings, support, and for tolerating my mess in the midst of this project.
to Robert Reedy for overseeing this project.
to you, for supporting me, giving me a reason to make this, and for being the final peice to this huge project. thank you.

and to all ive been through, the good and the bad, for giving me something to cry about. for better or worse, this gallery would not exist without them.

if you like what you see and you would like to support the artist, all the works in this gallery are for sale. shoot me an email at and I will happily provide a price for originals and prints.
are you tired? i am too.

turn the light off.