sleeping somewhere cold was conceived, created, and coded entirely by me, markus constantine. i am a student at ucf who is minoring in studio art. part of the reason why i was driven to make this gallery was because i had to switch from a studio art major to a minor, and so will not be able to exhibit my work in a bfa exhibition. i have always been very interested in showing my work off in the form of a gallery exhibition, so this website was made to satisfy that desire. through making it, i have become very interested in the conceptual challenges and freedoms of showing off traditional art in a physical space while still presenting it digitally. though conceiving, constructing, and coding this gallery has been a challenge, it has also given me some unique tools with which to present art that i have never considered before.

many of the pieces in this gallery are very personal to me, and were made to express the experiences, feelings, and challenges that have come up as i have begun processing trauma and recovering from addiction. this gallery is, in a way, analogous to my own (very much still in progress) journey in integrating my past experiences and coming to terms with how they affect me as an adult. if it seems confusing, esoteric, crude, and emotional, that's because it is. i hope that others can see their own experiences in the art that i have created.